Another Glowing Testimonial

Can you trust your Contractor? Can you be sure they’ll do the job correctly?
Testimonials help provide that little peace of mind so here’s one we received recently: 
Riviere-Anderson 1Riviere-Anderson 3
Riviere-Anderson 2
Riviere-Anderson 4
“Christine and I couldn’t be happier with the remarkable quality of your work for us. Everything you have done has inspired confidence, from the outset to the cleanup! Ethical, professional, deeply knowledgeable. You and your staff worked with us, even as we did repairs among you to prepare siding unfit for treatment.
Tyler and his crew are solid, caring people whose advise and assistance were invaluable.
Your company combines efficiency and exacting work, attention to detail that is rare these days. Our place looks great! We’re delighted and unhesitant to recommend Cedar Laine Restoration to all who want a fine job done.  Many Thanks”
John & Christine
Huntsville, Ont.
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